Hi, I'm Sarah, I am the Owner, Creator and Designer for SAGJOL. I passionately believe in educating others about humanities harmful ways, this is my story......

Born and Raised in England, I was a very shy child and like most children, I was a sponge, I absorbed everything. My Father struggled with mental illness and Bi-Polar Depression. My mother tried, but somewhere in all the chaos, she became angry, the kind of anger that manifests into bitterness. I grew up in the crossfire, caught up in their anger, their projections and their fears.

 I came to America as a young adult, scarred, but not defeated, I managed (like most of us) to hide that part of me that I couldn't face, but I also couldn't run from it and at some point, instead of projecting myself onto others or by turning to alcohol or drugs to numb the pain, I taught myself to paint. It was through my art that I found the courage to truly face my dark corners, it was through my art that I finally understood, learned how to let go, change the narrative and create a vision for a better way.

"Inspired by Art, Created from Consciousness"

'We all have our dark corners, the places in ourselves that have been imbedded, projections of fears, angers and insecurities from others that have left scars. I have left scars, its a vicious cycle, no one is immune, we are all defective, its how we embrace our defects that sets us apart" 

SAGJOL was born from the consciousness that we each hold the power to either create or destroy. Our true destiny isn't a product of our beginnings, but a product of our innocence. And its only once we shed our inherited belief systems that we can finally re-connect to our innocence and truly learn how to live, respecting each other, our planet and all living creatures.

Just like we as people have to heal our own inherited belief systems to truly get to the core of who we really are, we also need to rid our planet of all the harm we have done.
There is no denying that our unconscious ways have caused a lot of harm not only to ourselves, but to our land and seas. Pollution is real, we cannot deny that, everyday, in the pursuit of progress, people discard the planet causing harm to our waters and wildlife as well as our fellow humans. Animals die from discarded trash inadvertently ingested or sadly tangled in, children suffer from slave labor and polluted living conditions. Be it sea-life or wild-life or not, death and misery by pollution is a real and huge problem.


At SAGJOL, we continue to strive for a better world through education and conscious production.

Our logo is printed or embroidered on each garment, and our linings are printed with the message to "See from your Heart" Just a little reminder to be the best we can be while we strive for a better world, free from our own harmful unconscious ways.