Celebrate an Ethical Christmas this Year with SAGJOL!

‘Tis the festive season, ethical fashionistas! With the arrival of Christmas, an occasion we have all been waiting for, everyone is excited to attend lots of Christmas parties and family get-togethers for the holidays, all the way to New Years’ Eve.

It also means shopping - lots of it. In fact, December is obviously the biggest month for shopping, what with Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year deals enticing consumers.

Did you know that people spend trillions of dollars on Christmas festivities alone every year? Christmas is only getting bigger and brighter each year with more partying and gift purchases.

Yet, you may note the change in the spending patterns this year as people are growing increasingly aware and searching for alternatives that are less harmful to the environment.

There has truly been a growth in the number of people looking for ways to keep it green in the last year. This has led to an upswing in sustainable options for virtually everything: from clothes like women’s carpenter trousers and shoes to jewelry, beauty products, and much more.


People are quick to question companies about their practices, including where the raw materials are sourced from and the number of resources used in the manufacturing of their products.

Of course, this is a great thing - but the change may not be coming fast enough! Many of us are passionate about making a difference and fighting for a sustainable environment; for example, are our choices in gourmet treats or children’s’ toys affecting the livelihoods of farmers and workers? How much is that advent calendar going to impact our environment (it may not be recyclable!)

Going Ethical on Shopping this Christmas

 Meanwhile, we still need to shop for gifts that our family and friends will be equally pleased to receive. So, how do we tread carefully on the minefield that shopping for Christmas has really become these days? 

The answer to this is buying products made using ethical or sustainable practices. Sure, Christmas consumerism is nothing new - with brands throwing in new sales every week to attract customers, many of us feel the pressure to spend lots of money everywhere. What was once considered as the holiday of spending time with loved ones has gradually turned into one of the most materialistic occasions of the year. At least with ethical shopping, there will be a little less guilt for overindulgence in the consumers’ minds that comes around every Christmas!

 Ethical consumerism is growing in popularity; you will find quite a few options in terms of fairtrade thanks to innovation and growing awareness. There are lots of impressive products made using sustainable practices available these days like clothes, food even refurbished electronics.

Sustainable Outfit Suggestions by SAGJOL this Christmas

Speaking of clothes, here are some great ethical clothing options to add in your own wardrobe or gift someone if you want to keep things new this festive season while still keeping a more sustainable attitude.

Let’s look at these fantastic clothes that will keep you comfortable not just in the new year but well beyond it:   

High Waisted Wide Leg Trousers Outfit

These retro flare pants in black are simply brilliant to complete your high rise wide leg black pants. Complete the look with a shirt in forest green and a pair of heels for a festive, party look. You can pull the look off with some wide-leg jeans too!

Cropped and Skinny Black Jeans for Girls 

Show off your taste in footwear with these classy crop jeans that also features exposed buttons and stitch detail at the pockets. These, including the 1822 denim ankle skinny black, will go great with some ankle boots or stilettos and a colorful tucked-in top for more Christmas cheer!

Slouchy Tee Shirts

The Little Black Dress or LBD may be a wardrobe staple but what if you want to switch things up this time around? Enter the most comfortable slouchy tee shirts you will ever wear! These can do both - make you stand out and help you blend in with our mesmerizing logo in gold printed at the front. Trendy, yet eco-friendly!

Have a Merry Christmas with SAGJOL!

It’s time for celebration and many of us have decided to choose and buy gifts from the variety of ethical options accessible here. Most people are against those companies that are focused on gaining profits and don’t care if it’s at the expense of other people.

Sustainable shopping means the environment is taken into consideration during the manufacturing of the products and the raw materials have been sourced using fair means without harming anyone or their business. This also means that you are playing a part in conserving the environment and are paying a fair price for the product.

 After all, you shouldn’t have to shop for gifts at the expense of your values just because it is Christmas! You can look and feel great into the New Year while maintaining your habit of mindful and sustainable shopping - even more so because we, at SAGJOL, are offering 25% off your ENTIRE ORDER all the way till 25th December!

 Now you can choose amazing clothes that will last you for a long time at simply unbelievable prices! Happy Holidays, sustainable glam queens and ethical fashionistas!