Wear that Slouchy White Tee with Effortless Style: Here’s How

Everyone has a few or more t-shirts in their wardrobe depending on their choice of outfits. That’s because a t-shirt can be worn in many ways and really blends with whatever it is paired with. Slouchy White Tee with Effortless Style

Having said that, not all of us are always lucky enough to be able to realize the versatility of a slouchy white tee or a basic tee in any color, actually. But fear not - we have tried to help with a few easy tips and tricks to help you make full use of those underrated pieces of clothing and look fabulous while doing it!

Whether it’s a piece from our American flag tshirt mens collection or our women tees, you can wear one as is or style it up by making use of fashion trends. 

How to Transform Your Basic Tee into a More Fashionable One

Make your everyday slouchy white tee fashionable with these tips:

Choose an Oversized T-Shirt: Try keeping t-shirts in different sizes and have at least one oversized tee in your closet and not just form-fitting ones. That’s because oversized t-shirts tend to be more appealing and stylish than their simple, tighter counterparts.

 American flag tshirt mens

A tee that’s a few sizes too big goes great with leggings or form-fitting pants almost everywhere since you are basically layering it over your favorite pair of tight pants. An oversized t-shirt that’s reaching your thighs can easily become a trendy tee shirt dress as well - just wear ankle boots or block heels to finish your look. Additionally, if you like wearing skirts, your over-sized t-shirt can feel casual chic when tucked into the waistband of one.

Pair a Slouchy White Tee with Jeans: You can never go wrong with this everlasting combo! In fact, this is something every woman has in her wardrobe, whether she is the most fashion-forward one in her circle or prefers to keep things low-key at all times. Truly, you cannot underestimate the versatility and capability for effortless style that a well-chosen pair of jeans, such as a pair of skinny black jeans for girls, and the right t-shirt has. 

 skinny black jeans for girls

The reason behind this is that both of them are really comfortable and casual, which is why they can be worn anytime, anywhere and form an unstoppable pair. All you need to do to insert some style into it this combination is balance out the simplicity of the solid, basic slouchy white tee by choosing jeans that have some sort of detail in them. These jeans can be distressed, faded, embroidered or have any other detail of your choice. If you want a simpler pair of jeans, you can still fold them at the bottom; doing this adds a bit of texture as well. 

More such tips to come, so stay tuned!