The Best in Denim Jacket Style Women Should be Having Right Now

The most important thing a woman wears is her confidence - but the denim jacket comes a close second! Although many of us feel inseparable from this versatile piece in the fall, it can be worn practically every season, one of the many reasons why it has been considered a wardrobe essential for such a long time. 

denim jacket style women

No matter what your style is, the denim jacket style is something women love, a majority of whom wear it in some form or the other. That’s because jean jackets are classic and have been around for such a long time; almost everyone can find a version that is their favorite, one that they can rely on for anything - from street shopping to lunchtime dates.


There are many combinations in which you can wear this even as street style experts and fashionistas are constantly on the lookout for fresh, new ways to flaunt their favorite trucker jackets each year. In this blog, we have mentioned two such styles that are almost effortless to pull off and will make you look differently at your fave denim jacket and realize its versatility.

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Denim Jacket Style Women: Outstanding Ways to Wear them

Whether it’s a tailored look or a distressed approach you are after, you may find some inspiration here, so read on to see a few amazing ways to flaunt those pieces of denim! If you don’t have a staple denim jacket yet, you might end up buying one by the time you are through!

 And if you’re like most women and already have a denim jacket, then you may want to add another one to your wardrobe this time, especially if you’re environmentally-conscious, because SAGJOL offers sustainably made denim jackets, jeans, slouchy tee shirts, and more!

 Despite what some people think, a denim jacket is not a weekend-only item. On the contrary, you can create many fashionable outfits around this piece of clothing that can also be appropriate for dressier occasions. On that note, here’s suggestion number one:

 Boyfriend jeans are quite the crowd favorites these days and are even considered as the new skinny jeans by many fashionistas, which means you can match those straight leg jeans with a jean jacket for an insanely trendy double denim outfit. Cuffed or uncuffed, your boyfriend jeans will go great with either of our denim jackets! 

Mercedes Skinny in black jean

You can also pair this jacket with a pair of beige cargo pants, olive wide leg pants or carpenter trousers for a free, casual look. Layering it over a slouchy boyfriend tee or any basic cotton t-shirt will complete the outfit. 

olive wide leg pants

denim bomber jacket ladies

On the other hand, opt for a lighter or faded wash jacket but darker jeans if you want a stylish look that flatters every figure. This is because a light shaded jacket will bring the focus toward your face. At the same time, dark wash jeans will make your lower body seem more slender, which is excellent for curvy women and can be their go-to look if they want to try skinny jeans. If you like graphic or logo tees, then you can wear our flag t-shirts for a great message.  

Choosing the right skinny jeans according to your figure is important. While mid-rise is great for curvy or plus-size figures, high-rise jeans suit straight up-and-down figures.

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