Slouchy Tees and Skinny Black Jeans: Ethical Fashion Basics

Wondering how you can define your personal style with sustainable fashion? Want a wardrobe filled with ethically made clothes but don’t know where to begin? SAGJOL has solutions for you!

Styling using sustainable clothing is fun once you figure out what makes you look and feel great, but it can seem quite overwhelming at times. When it does, focus on basics and you will be able to create an effortless wardrobe in no time. These essentials are very important for creating your own style, and in this post, we will recommend some good basics that you can add to your wardrobe.


Wardrobe Essentials in Sustainable Fashion by SAGJOL

Fun fact: Sustainable clothing is just as stylish as the regular fashion! It just means that the clothes have been made using lesser resources and while keeping in mind the impact of their manufacturing on the environment. So don’t worry - you can have an exciting, colorful wardrobe with sustainable clothes too!

With basics, you don’t have to stick to one particular aesthetic because these timeless staples are highly versatile and can help you decide your direction.

Here are some sustainable clothing basics for styling your wardrobe easily - 


The skinny black jean is a wardrobe classic you should definitely consider. Also, when it comes to buying denim, it is better to invest in good quality jeans that will last you longer, even if you might have to pay more up-front. That’s because the cheaper ones often rip or fade after just one year.

Another good thing about buying quality denim is that they don’t need to be washed as often as other clothes. At SAGJOL, we have them in many different styles aside from skinny black jeans, like wide leg, straight leg, high-waisted skinny, high rise, and more!

White Tee-shirt

This is probably the most basic and versatile item of clothing! Find one that fits you well and you can combine it with practically anything, from simple jeans or denim shorts to your craziest colored trousers. Got a patterned jumpsuit? Throw a slouchy white tee under it and you’re golden - quite literally because some of our tees have a mesmerizing gold logo on them!

SAGJOL carries its slouchy tees, faux turtleneck tees, short-sleeved and muscle tees in black as well.  

Black Tee-shirt

Black tee-shirts are not as simple as you think; they can make the wearer appear more casual yet refined and can be used for different outfits. You don’t have to fret over getting them dirty either.

SAGJOL offers faux turtlenecks, muscle tees, short-sleeved tees, and slouchy tees in white and black for both women and men. Each tee shirt has the SAGJOL logo or the flag beautifully hand painted on it and will look great with our women’s carpenter trousers.

The three basics mentioned above are simple in design, long-lasting, and solid, which is why they are worth adding to your wardrobe. They will not only save you money but help you avoid the hassle of frequently replacing them and help you seamlessly create your personal style that helps you enjoy fashion!

We will talk about some more basics in our next blog as well, so stay tuned!

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