Wear those Slouchy Tee Shirts with Effortless Style: More Tips (Part 2)

This blog is Part 2 on how you can wear slouchy tee shirts more stylishly with additional tips. Make sure you check out our range of ethical wear once you’re through!

Most of us wear t-shirts in our daily life on a constant basis - for running errands at the market, on our trips to the gym, to sleep, and so on - just a quick change into whichever one we’re feeling like and off we go! A slouchy white tee is really an article of fuss-free daily clothing, essential for people of all ages.

Alas, they are not the first choice of fashionistas, who often slam them for being too boring and monotonous, which they are, as a matter of fact. But that also means they are really simple, which is its own advantage because they are capable of becoming anything you want after you add other elements to it.

Make Slouchy Tee Shirts an Integral Part of Your Stylish Outfits with These Tips

Speaking of making basic tee shirts more fashionable, there are endless ways through which you can transform the classic t-shirt into an indispensable part of plenty of awesome looks. Some of these are mentioned below:

Add a Jacket: Layering is often one of the simplest yet most effective ways of spicing things up. Many times, that’s all your slouchy white tee or muscle tee needs - a jacket or cover-up that does the trick and even brings a bit of mystery to an otherwise plain look.

denim jacket

Jackets come in various fits and lengths to form different styles, so you can experiment with a few to see which ones fit your body type the best. For instance, you can try combining shorter jackets, like a cropped leather or denim jacket, with a longer tee. An embroidered bomber jacket like this one will go great with your slouchy tee too:

In short, opposites work when it comes to layering. All you need to do is ensure that both the jacket and tee should work well together and complement your natural body shape. If you prefer cardigans over your t-shirt, then choose a snug t-shirt for a loose-fitting cardigan.  

Wear it with More Interesting Items: Simple and logo t-shirts work best as the foundation in an outfit. They shouldn’t be the main point of focus if you want to look more stylish and play up the other aspects of your attire.

So, don’t hesitate to put on a seemingly plain slouchy white tee as long as it is balanced out with more interesting items for an overall fashionable look. You can put those high rise wide leg black pants to use here - pair them with your slouchy tee shirts!

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