Your Slouchy Boyfriend Tee is More Versatile Than You Think

A fashion staple since forever, the boyfriend t-shirt has been in wardrobes for a long time. From the oversized band tees that everyone wore in the 90s to the present days of slipping into larger clothes to relax and feel more comfortable at home, most of us have taken advantage of the slouchy boyfriend tee in one form or another.

Whether you want to show your love for this fashion trend, feel a need to appear effortlessly-chic at all times or are simply growing accustomed to the cozy appeal that you have grown to appreciate - slouchy tee shirts are here to stay! 

slouchy boyfriend tee

Slouchy Tees Shirts - Our Favorite Trend!


Of course, this isn’t the only loose-fitting garment that women have come to love. A lot of us would rather switch things up sometimes and wear ‘men’s clothes’ instead. At this point, ‘borrowing’ men’s clothes has become somewhat of a phenomenon in many fashion lives.

It may have started with boyfriend jeans and blazers and continued with tees...we can’t help but be hooked on the liberating feeling such clothes can bring! 

 Wait a minute!

Before you get ready to raid all your friends’ closets, there are a few things to keep in mind.

For instance, just draping yourselves in menswear isn’t enough for it to look good - you may be getting more slouch in your outfit than you bargained for, putting you in a tricky situation where you end up appearing more hobo...and less chic.   

 Maybe try a slouchy boyfriend tee on first, and take a look at your reflection in the mirror to see if it matches with how you think you look? And if, just if, you don’t look as good as you imagined, don’t give up on that t-shirt yet!

After all, practice makes perfect, so keep calm and try out the various styles we have mentioned in this blog. Once you have gone through these looks you will never feel ashamed to don your slouchy tee shirts in public again!

Different Looks to Show Off Your Slouchy Boyfriend Tee


Given the ongoing trend of incorporating ‘boyfriend’ clothing items into your attire, here are some of the perfect oversized looks mentioned below and a few tricks that you can follow to make clothes that are at least one size up look chic:

Everyday Casual

The slouchy tee goes well with a contrasting pair of skinny black jeans for girls, like the ones from SAGJOL. It can also be your go-to piece when you don’t want to spend too much time planning an outfit. Put on a pair of gladiator sandals if you want to look more stylish or some sneakers for added comfort.

Slouchy Boyfriend Tee at the Office!

Turn that boyfriend t-shirt into an office blouse; tuck it into your office trousers or pencil skirt, complete with a blazer for a professional look. Heels may go better with an outfit like this along with a statement necklace and some lipstick for the right amount of femininity.

Glamor Chic

If you want to tone down some of the excess glamors in a super glamorous outfit, the boyfriend t-shirt is one of the perfect ways to do it. You can even wear one with stiletto heels, big hair, a mini dress, and big hair.

Everything Oversized!

From denim shorts and over-sized jeans to women’s carpenter trousers, your favorite slouchy tee shirts will look amazing for a relaxed, lazy Sunday brunch!

Shop SAGJOL’s slouchy boyfriend tees for every style today, and get 25% OFF on your entire order till 25th December! Happy shopping!