Significance of SAGJOL - the Brand and the Logo

A brand encompasses more than a look or a feel. It represents the founder's philosophy, their dreams, and the thoughts that drove them towards the creation of their products.

In other words, it's the sum of everything - from the products and services that are associated with it to the vibe that it will bring in the hands of the customer and how these products make people feel when they talk about our brand.

The Story Behind SAGJOL

‘SAGJOL’ is an acronym: "Sewing Awareness Globally Justifying Our Love". This is a word that was designed by its founder, Sarah Drury-Marchand.

To put it simply, it is a unique word that represents her vision and how it has evolved over the years, from its originally-intended purpose to be used as a signature for her art to a name that symbolizes her perspective.

The Meaning Behind the SAGJOL Logo, and SAGJOL as a Brand

The logo has been derived from one of her paintings titled “See from your Heart”. It is a direct outline of this painting and reflects the impact of seeing things more from a spiritual perspective, where we focus on consequences and how what we do affects others rather than giving in to our egos, fears, and insecurities.

It is true that our thoughts effectively tint our reality. The way we see things tells a lot about us as people.

The world is filled with people with all kinds of views. A person with an optimistic mindset is nearly always cheerful, looks at the positive in everything and is capable of freeing the mind from ego and fear. Conversely, a person with a pessimistic approach is likely to find the worst in every situation and is likely to be more susceptible to even more negative thoughts and tendencies. 

From what her brand has represented to its customers along with what they have seen, understood, and felt, each of her pieces is uniquely beautiful and are an expression of her love for peace and her perspective. Not many people think to associate the importance of freeing oneself from hate and ego to embrace love with clothes the way Sarah has done through SAGJOL.

As a brand that thrives on the use of environmentally-conscious processes like the judicious use of water and exhaustive resources, we have always wanted to offer clothes that mean more than just coverings for the body or something created for the sake of commercial profit.

What SAGJOL - the Brand, and Its Logo - Stand for

So, what does the painting and, subsequently, the logo, signify? At the heart of Sarah Drury Marchand’s intentions is love and heartfelt hope for all mankind to love one another without inhibition. As she puts it, "What we see with our eyes is just a reflection of our Ego, it's what we see from our Hearts that'll light the true path to heaven on Earth".

This brings a whole new meaning to the clothes created by SAGJOL and helps us view the sustainable brand as something that impacts us from a spiritual aspect too, not just from an environmental point of view.

With our range of ethically produced clothing, we hope to inspire positive changes in people. Changes like letting go of vices like ego, fear, and judgment - whether it is judging oneself or subjecting others to it - are the key to turning this world into a more beautiful place - an earthly paradise. 

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