How and Why Fashion is Becoming Sustainable These Days

By and large, the fashion industry is notorious for its tremendous wastage of resources, and it is certainly not known for being environmentally friendly or sustainable. Reliable sources have estimated that 10 percent of all carbon emissions around the world are caused by this industry and the textile dyeing process alone has turned out to be the number two source of water pollution on a global scale.

But that’s not all; more than seventy percent of all clothing items contain synthetic fibers that are non-biodegradable. That means 99 percent of your wardrobe, including your favorite flare leg trouser jeans (yes, even that slouchy white tee) is actually polluting the environment and leaving a massive carbon print the less it is used.

A confrontation with these shocking statistics has led major fashion brands to finally step forward and make commitments toward sustainability. For instance, synthetics will not break down in landfills, but recycling plastics and making use of them in clothing helps reduce some of the excessive waste and makes positive use of the negative plastic problems. At the same time, doing so does not compromise the quality of the cloth in any way – it increases its durability instead!

SAGJOL: Fashion is Now Sustainable!


While the fashion giants are making promises to cut back on their enormous use of resources, the emergence of sustainable fashion brands is enabling people to choose from multiple eco-friendly choices to replace their highly polluting clothes with organic and nature-friendly alternatives.

SAGJOL is one of these individual brands that are making considerable efforts to achieve sustainability in the manufacturing of clothes like high waisted black bell bottom jeans and embroidered bomber jacket. These include: 

  • Significantly reducing water and chemical usage in their wash processing
  • Ensuring all their fabrics are purchased from local sources
  • Constantly striving to enhance and give precedence to their sustainable practices

Although SAGJOL doesn’t profess to be totally sustainable, it strives to use sustainable practices in all areas. It also aims to bring more awareness to the ever increasing problem of pollution by educating people.

Why the Fashion Industry Needs to Mend its Ways

Apart from all the individual brands that have risen up and improved their processes, it is vital that the fashion industry take larger steps in order to reach the goal of sustainability. According to a recent study, it is not moving fast enough to counter the vastly damaging effects of its manufacturing processes, making it even more essential to switch to more sustainable practices so that the rapid growth of these hazardous effects can be counterbalanced.

This report also states that the global footwear and apparel industry will have grown to more than eighty percent in the next decade to a staggering hundred million tons. This kind of growth is sure to exert an enormous strain on the resources of our planet.

It concluded with a fact we have known for quite some time now - that the fashion industry is far from sustainable. Additionally, if the speed at which this industry is progressing remains the same, then the dangerous consequences of the consistently increasing production will pose a highly challenging threat that will definitely not be easy to overcome.

Things You Can Do

If you want to be a more environmentally-conscious consumer, then there are certain things you can do on your part, although the industry might seem to be struggling in terms of sustainability.

There are quite a few successful fashion brands in all categories that have a dazzling range of sustainable clothing. Also, they are affordable and easy on your pocket, making it all the more easy for you to switch to them.

Brands like SAGJOL strive to provide clothing made using sustainable practices and from organic ecologically-friendly sources that are of superior quality on top of saving your money. From American flag tees and stylish trousers to denim jackets and jeans, we have an extensive range to suit your sustainable clothing needs for an effortless transition.