One Embroidered Bomber Jacket, Two Ways by SAGJOL

Bomber jackets, depending on the fabric, can become a wardrobe essential since they seem to be perpetually on-trend. Their cropped style and appearance has a way of upping the coolness of virtually any outfit, and the embroidered bomber jacket at SAGJOL is one of the best examples of that!

The versatility of our jackets makes them great for people who prefer wearing clothes that create a minimal ecological impact. People who are growing increasingly environmentally conscious; they are not afraid to ask who made their clothes and whether they are being paid fairly.

embroidered bomber jacket

These days, there are brands like SAGJOL that offer greater transparency in their processes that include sustainable and ethical methods to manufacture clothes. The result: quality, versatile clothes like slouchy tee shirts and skinny black jeans that are not only easier on the environment but can prove to be useful in multiple outfits for your wardrobe. 

Different Looks with the Same Denim Bomber Jacket Ladies Love!

Coming back to bomber jackets, here are two of the most effortless looks you can pull off with them:

Look Number 1

You’ll love the sporty, casual vibe when you throw on a denim bomber jacket ladies style over a top and some jeans. This outfit will make you feel as carefree as you look! You can also wear some sneakers or try one of our muscle t-shirts underneath to showcase the versatility of this jacket.

Look Number 2

If you want to go for a more boho-chic look, try one of our jackets over a dress. It will look pretty good over a skirt and a top too in case you want something more feminine and dramatic. The soft texture, comfortable wear, and fair price of our embroidered bomber jacket all make it quite appealing. In other words, this is the kind of item you would never tire of repeating in your outfits.


 The cropped fit of the bomber jacket is a nice change from typical jackets or coats and also looks great for all kinds of heights, tall, medium or petite. So, go ahead and complete that high waisted wide leg trousers outfit with one of these beauties!

A Word About Us: SAGJOL is an ethical brand that focuses on sustainable practices that involve lesser resources and uses recyclable materials in the making of some clothes. Our range includes multiple types of high-waisted and low-waisted jeans, women's carpenter trousers, flare leg and wide-leg pants, and other clothing items like women's slouchy boyfriend tee as well as men's American flag t-shirts that have the American flag juxtaposed on the SAGJOL logo.