Why the Embroidered Bomber Jacket is a Wardrobe Must-Have

Bomber jackets are no longer reserved for aviators! This ultra-cool piece of clothing has the ability to transform attire, a trait that designers and fashionistashave known for a while now. Nowadays, you will find it in all manner of color and design options, from the embroidered bomber jacket to the denim version.  

This jacket is cool enough to replace those basic, everyday jackets that you might be wanting a change from. Teenagers and stylists particularly love it and its many variations - it could be something to do with how it makes them feel like a pop star! 30 something editors and socialites seem to be reaching for their black jeans bomber jacket with its sporty casual look when they grow tired of their leather jackets.  

The bomber jacket is basically the mature version of the varsity jacket or the letterman jacket which is quite popular among college and high-school students. One of the few differences between the two is that while the varsity jacket is made from two fabrics - one for the back and a different one for the sleeves), the bomber jacket is made from one. Also, the bomber doesn’t have foldable collars, unlike the varsity jacket.  

 Slowly but surely, this jacket has crept into the wardrobes of first celebrities and off-duty models, then fashionistas and style divas followed by retail chains and everybody else. The bomber jacket trend cannot be ignored if you want to flaunt your own style and sense of street fashion every day!  

SAGJOL’s Take on the Embroidered Bomber Jacket

Of course, the credit for such amazing creations goes to the designers who have used their imagination and changed it in many ways while keeping its wrists, neck, and waist cinched like in the original version. SAGJOL too has a variety of colors in the embroidered bomber jacket department, each of which can give your outfit a classy sporty appearance.    

Bomber jackets also come in numerous styles, designs, and fabrics such as a silk and lace cardigan, an edgy blazer or a leather jacket. There are even more luxurious options that are as expensive as they are eclectic, and they go great with equally chic clothing and accessories, items like stilettos, skirts, strappy sandals or heels, skirts, and dresses.

Printed or embroidered bomber jackets look fab with one of our slouchy tee shirts. You can also wear one under a thicker jacket so that it acts like a cardigan or blazer at the workplace, bringing more personality to your attire. The ones made with thicker fabric give a great urban-luxe effect and keep you warm during chilling winter days.  

This jacket goes with practically anything and adds a quirky touch to any style. It looks especially spectacular if worn with one of the items from our sleeveless tee shirts womens range.


Besides, everyone loves mixing and matching clothes and styles these days, which is why a black jeans bomber jacket looks just as great with sneakers as it will with pumps or sequined tops. Want a bit more glamor in your look? Go for some red lipstick and tasteful accessories to create an urban yet feminine vibe in this man inspired jacket!

Truth is, this jacket has changed greatly since it was discovered and is not just associated with air force attire anymore. Maybe it’s the cool military vibe and versatile colors like navy blue, black, and red that people love. Or maybe it is the fact that you can experiment with unlimited bomber looks. Either way, you won’t get bored with this wonderful creation anytime soon!  

Many of our customers own at least one of our embroidered bomber jackets; they are the perfect fall investment for those who want to stay in-trend and work towards a cleaner, more sustainable environment as well. So, the next time you find someone complaining about a lack of options in terms of jackets show them some fantastic pieces from our denim bomber jacket ladies collection!